Water Well Rehabilitation Training

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Clear Creek Principal Hydrogeologist Marvin Glotfelty, PG, will conduct training on Water Well Rehabilitation September 6, 2023, through Lorman Education Services.

His presentation will cover maximizing both the economic and technical considerations for the rehabilitation of water wells. Economic conditions and land availability limitations have discouraged high-volume water well owners (including municipalities, water companies, industrial entities, and other large well owners) from incurring the cost of installing new wells. However, the requirement of water purveyors and other well owners to provide a safe and dependable supply of high-quality groundwater is unchanged. Recent drought conditions in some areas have increased the demand for groundwater supplies, and in less arid areas, groundwater wells are also needed to mitigate security concerns or treatment costs. This topic will help those responsible for groundwater systems to maximize both the economic and technical considerations for the rehabilitation of water wells. The material will include discussions of the maintenance (cleaning) aspects of well rehabilitation and the augmentation (structural modification to achieve improved water quality or greater production) aspects of well rehabilitation. Practical applications and case studies will be used to exemplify the usefulness and also the pitfalls of well rehabilitation.

The agenda includes the following topics:

Scale Growth and Well Cleaning

  • Causes and Types of Scale and Biofilm Growth
  • Philosophy of Well Cleaning
  • Techniques for Scale Removal
    • Brushing and Bailing
    • Sonic or Pneumatic Techniques
    • Solid or Liquid CO2
    • Other Chemical Applications
  • Economic Rationale for Well Cleaning

Well Analysis

  • Concept of Water Quality Stratification
  • Flow Profile Analysis
  • Other Well Analysis Techniques

Structural Modification of Wells to Improve Well Performance

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Casing Liner Installation
  • Well Deepening
  • Economic Rationale for Structural Modification of Wells

Well Rehabilitation Case Studies in California and Arizona

Overall Track Record of Well Rehabilitation Learn more: