While Clear Creek’s professional focus is hydrogeology, our academic background is rooted in the traditional geological fields of structural geology and ore deposits. We find this combination is especially valued in mining support projects – specifically, in understanding the water resources and environmental issues associated with mining operations.

The viability of a mining project depends on identifying a reliable source of water, often in complex geological settings. Responsible mining also means limiting the impact of the mining operation on the environment. Since Clear Creek Associates was founded in 1999, we have been a leader in identifying and developing sustainable water resources to support mining operations.

We are well regarded for our expertise in evaluating hydrogeological and environmental conditions in and around the large-scale underground and open-pit mining operations. We have also directed both small- and large-scale investigations focused on characterizing and remediating soil and groundwater impacts associated with historical mining operations.

Our experience in Mining Support includes:

  • Mine water management
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Water supply development
  • Water balance and water resource planning
  • Pit lake hydrologic and chemistry evaluations
  • Numerical modeling of groundwater flow and chemical transport
  • Materials characterization
  • Hydrogeologic characterization and analysis
  • Contaminant investigation and remediation
  • Mine closure/site remediation
  • Enhanced metal recovery (EMR)*

*EMR is a heap leach injection process that the GLA companies uses to help mining clients access previously unrecoverable gold, silver, and copper. Learn more at https://geo-logic.com/enhanced-metal-recovery.

Recent Projects