Water Well Workshop

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Clear Creek Hydrologist Riley Trickey and Co-Founder and Principal Hydrogeologist, Marvin Glotfelty, RG, will be presenting at the Water Well Workshop being co-hosted by the Rural Water Association of Arizona (RWAAZ) and American Ground Water Trust (AGWT) in Phoenix, Arizona, on January 16, 2024.

This workshop will focus on maximizing well efficiency from design to operation and will cover the following topics:

  • Hydrogeology overview of Arizona and well site selection
  • Downhole geophysics
  • Zonal sampling
  • Water well construction
  • Pump test and interpretation
  • Submersible and turbine pump selection and maintenance
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Well construction compliance for drinking water wells
  • Overview of water rights and record keeping for drinking water systems
  • Financing options through Water Infrastructure Finance Program (WIFA)

Mr. Trickey is a Project Hydrologist with seven years of professional experience in Arizona. His primary areas of expertise include well design, installation, and testing; hydrogeologic investigations and well siting studies of alluvial and fractured bedrock aquifers; and geographic information systems (GIS), database creation and management, and groundwater modeling support. Mr. Trickey has extensive experience with all phases of water resource (production) well projects, from well site characterization and prioritization through well installation and testing oversight for both municipal and private clients.

Mr. Glotfelty’s career has spanned over 40 years and has involved almost every aspect of hydrogeology, water supply studies, aquifer testing, well design, well rehabilitation, water rights issues, and water quality assessment. He has contributed to the design, installation, rehabilitation, and abandonment of about 1,000 water wells in the southwestern United States.

The Workshop is for water utility managers, water operators, and owners of high-yield wells; well contractors; and groundwater engineers and consultants who design wells, select pumps and assess the potential of aquifers. Attendees will learn about diagnostic methods (trouble-shooting) and solutions for maximizing water performance. Presenters will outline the latest practical, cost-effective solutions and explain how to maximize the economic return on pumped groundwater. Learn more about Clear Creek’s water resources capabilities here.