Groundwater Week

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The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) 2023 conference Groundwater Week, will be taking place  December 5 through 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marvin Glotfelty, RG, Clear Creek Co-Founder and Principal Hydrogeologist, will be presented with the most prestigious award given by the NGWA, the Ross L. Oliver Award during the event. Read more about the award announcement made this summer. He will also co-present a short course on Well Evaluation, Troubleshooting and Rehabilitation, and co-present with Russ Granfors, Geo-Logic Associates Corporate Health and Safety Administrator, on Health and Safety Around the Well Drilling Site.

Well Evaluation, Troubleshooting and Rehabilitation (short course abstract)

Wells are a critical part of any groundwater supply system, but every well requires periodic maintenance and they will all eventually develop problems. Diagnosing well performance problems can be challenging, as the causes of declining groundwater production are sometimes obscure or even counterintuitive. After the problem has been identified, there will still be challenges to effectively rehabilitate the well.

This in-person short course will provide a logical progression of analytical techniques and case studies, so you will gain familiarity with methods and perspectives that will help guide you through the maze of well evaluation/rehabilitation alternatives and pitfalls. Multiple well assessment tools and techniques will be presented, along with various methods for structural modification of wells. You will participate in brief breakout groups so you can gain hands-on experience with the application of these analytical techniques.

Health & Safety Around the Well Drilling Site (abstract)

Our familiarity with water well drilling work sites may sometimes make us complacent about the potential hazards in that working environment. Drilling sites typically expose workers to an assortment of potential dangers, including slippery and uneven working surfaces; heavy equipment and machinery that is constantly operating to move heavy loads; inclement weather and (sometimes) long work hours; confined spaces between closely-positioned vehicles or within sound barriers. This workshop will provide pragmatic, real-world examples of the potential risks at drilling sites, and sound recommendations for a safe workplace.