Lori Bartlett

Co-Founder/Principal Manager

Project Management
Business Management

Lori Bartlett helped establish Clear Creek Associates in 1999. She applies her scientific training, background in business management, and professional experience in managing hydrogeologic projects to corporate operations of affiliate Geo-Logic Associates (GLA). Her responsibilities include creating, coordinating, and evaluating the project management programs and supporting information systems of the company in compliance with local, state, and federal budgetary reporting requirements. She is involved in developing and implementing finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures, and strategic business and/or operational plans, projects, programs, and systems.

Lori Bartlett started her career at Dames & Moore, a large, internationally renowned engineering firm for 15 years in the Phoenix and Denver offices.  During this time, Ms. Bartlett worked on many projects throughout the U.S., including several Remedial Investigation/Feasibility studies (RI/FS).  She was the Quality Control Coordinator for five analytical laboratories and thousands of samples for Gulf Resource and Chemical Company’s RI/FS, Idaho, and conduct quality assurance of a groundwater sampling and analysis program involving 160 sampling points and 12 employees.  She also assisted with project management of groundwater contamination and environmental projects, including Assistant Project Manager for Motorola 52nd Street Superfund site.  Work at the site included full investigation with sampling of soil, groundwater, and soil gas, pilot treatment of groundwater; full-scale pump and treat system; soil vapor extraction; and air sparging.