Clear Creek Associates offers comprehensive services in the following areas:

Water Resources Management
- Water Availability Studies
- Well Design/Water Supply
- Well Evaluation and Rehabilitation
- Groundwater Recharge
Environmental Services
- Regulatory & Permitting Support
- Litigation Support
- Due Diligence Investigations
- Soil, Soil-Gas, Groundwater
- Remediation Services
Mining Support
- Mine Water Management
- Permitting & Regulatory Compliance
- Water Supply Development
- Water Balance and Long Term Water Resource Planning
- Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Chemical
- Materials Characterization
- Hydrogeologic Characterization and Analysis
- Contaminant Investigation and Remediation for State and
  Federal Programs
- Mine Closure/Site Remediation
Groundwater Modeling
- Impact Studies for Well Field Optimization
- Dewatering Studies
- Integrated Modeling of Groundwater – Surface Water
- Flow and Transport Modeling at Environmentally
  Impacted Sites
- Litigation Support
- Expert Witness
Expert Witness Support
- Environmental Issues and Contaminant Plume Migration
- Surface Water / Groundwater Interaction
- Water Rights Issues
- Water Well Structure and Integrity Issues