Clear Creek Associates was founded in 1999 to provide a high level of hydrogeological consulting and expertise in groundwater science. Since the firm was formed over a decade ago, we have consistently provided reliable groundwater consulting services in over 1,000 individual projects for more than 300 private and public clients including: municipalities, private water companies, industrial firms, mines, power plants, land developers, Native American tribes, regulatory agencies, attorneys, and architectural/engineering firms.

Water-related problems vary from place to place, but the universal challenges faced across the nation and around the world include water quality, water availability, and cost.  At Clear Creek Associates, we believe the keys to solving any water-related problem are an understanding of the underlying science that affects each water issue, and a depth of experience to offer practical and achievable solutions.  We founded our company with veteran hydrogeologists and built a strong team of trained scientists. 

As our company has evolved, we have maintained unwavering resolve in our original goal to provide practical solutions in groundwater science. That consistent approach has provided us with the flexibility to be responsive to a rapidly changing environmental and economic landscape.