Wayne Feller is an Environmental Senior Hydrologist in the Phoenix/Scottsdale office and has developed a diverse background of environmental and hydrogeologic consulting services. The foundation of Mr. Feller’s career has been in the environmental arena conducting and managing site characterization and remediation projects throughout Arizona since 1995. Since joining Clear Creek in 2005, Mr. Feller has broadened and refined his capabilities to include a wide range of contaminant types including pesticides, metals, VOCs and petroleum related compounds, and as such, has developed and/or implemented several remedial approaches for various sites including former fueling facilities, former pesticide formulation and storage facilities, abandoned waste sites, and wildcat shooting ranges. In keeping with the philosophy of Clear Creek Associates, Mr. Feller strives to provide practical, cost conscious solutions and is able to convey complex technical information in written reports to allow managers to make clearly informed decisions. During his career, Mr. Feller has maneuvered through numerous environmental regulations and has experience with many programs of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality including the Aquifer Protection Permit Program, the UST Program, the Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund Program, and the Voluntary Remediation Program. Also, as a common component of environmental investigations and remediation, Mr. Feller possesses a working knowledge of RCRA waste regulations.

In addition to environmental projects, Mr. Feller has developed expertise in the water resources industry by conducting analytical groundwater modeling for well spacing-well impact investigations, hydrogeologic studies completed in support of Aquifer Protection Permits, and applications for designation of adequate and assured water supply. Mr. Feller has also overseen the design and construction of water supply wells, and conducted several rehabilitation evaluations of water supply wells to mitigate high sand content or unacceptable water quality in pumped groundwater.