Mr. Granfors has worked in the environmental services field since 1994. He became the Health and Safety officer of Clear Creek Associates in 2014, and became Corporate Health and Safety Administrator of Geo-Logic Associates in 2019. Mr. Granfors oversees the Injury and Illness Prevention Program and any updates or revisions that are needed for that program. He is the head of the Health and Safety Committee that is comprised of the Regional Health and Safety Office Managers. His experience includes field hydrologic work including the oversight of well drilling, construction and testing. He also has many years of environmental sampling of groundwater, soil and vapor. Groundwater sampling includes conventional pumps, low flow, extraction pumps, air pumps, passive diffusion bags, hydrosleeves, Westbay systems, hydropunch and bailers. His vapor experience includes commercial and residential indoor, outdoor, sub-slab and soil vapor well and probe sampling. He has knowledge in the installation and operation of air sparge, soil vapor extraction and groundwater extraction remediation systems, including troubleshooting of plumbing, pump operation and electrical of all systems. Mr. Granfors has many years of experience in UST and drywell decommissioning activities.