Michael Alter is a Principal Hydrogeologist and Registered Professional Geologist in Arizona and Virginia. He is also a Certified Professional Geologist by the American Institute of Professional Geologists.  Mr. Alter’s experience includes coordinating and managing environmental and water resources-related projects. His areas of specialization include investigating, characterizing, and modeling complex groundwater systems, including mining districts and active and closed municipal landfills. Mr. Alter has planned and managed numerous successful field investigations involving activities such as borehole drilling, geophysical logging, zonal sampling, well design and construction, aquifer testing, and water quality testing. Mr. Alter is a member of Clear Creek’s mine water management group and actively supports mine-related environmental and water resources projects.  He has a solid understanding of the specific hydrogeologic needs of the mining sector, as well as other clients developing and managing water resources in bedrock aquifers. He is also a member of Clear Creek’s groundwater modeling team.