Marvin Glotfelty is a co-founder of Clear Creek Associates, a Registered Geologist in Arizona and California, and is also a Licensed Water Well Driller in Arizona. With this broad background in groundwater and wells, Mr Glotfelty is recognized as one of the leading experts in water well design and construction technology in the United States.

During his professional career of 30 years, Mr. Glotfelty has been involved with the design, installation, rehabilitation, or decommissioning of over 800 water wells, and has served as Technical Director of the Arizona Water Well Association since 1990. He has given over 100 lectures and workshops to professional driller organizations, hydrogeologists, water system operators, and university students in 17 different U.S. states and five other countries.

Mr. Glotfelty specializes in conducting studies of groundwater systems for public and private water purveyors and other entities having particular groundwater-related problems. He brings a complete understanding of the problem to be solved and a strong sense of the hydrogeological sciences that must be implemented to resolve it. His depth of knowledge in the design, assessment and rehabilitation of water wells enable him to resolve complex site-specific problems with each groundwater system being considered.