Marvin F. Glotfelty is co-founder and Principal Hydrogeologist of Clear Creek Associates. During the past three decades, Mr. Glotfelty has specialized in water resources projects such as well design and installation programs, water supply studies, well siting studies, recharge projects, and well evaluation/rehabilitation projects. He has also been involved in numerous other aspects of the hydrogeologic sciences, including environmental and water resources permitting, water rights issues, and groundwater quality issues. He has been involved with the design, installation, rehabilitation, or abandonment of over 800 water wells in the southwestern United States. Mr. Glotfelty has served as project manager or principal-in-charge for many of the water resources projects for Clear Creek Associates, and he provides technical support and peer review when needed, to support projects involved with the installation or evaluation of water wells, hydrogeologic investigations, or water supply studies. Mr. Glotfelty has also conducted well siting studies and recharge facility siting projects covering over 1,500 square miles in Arizona and California, and he has managed dozens of groundwater resources investigations that encompass thousands of square miles of the southwestern United States.

He has authored over 20 publications on hydrogeologic and water well topics, including a Glossary of Driller’s Terms (National Ground Water Association, 2004) and editorial review of the 3rd edition of Groundwater & Wells (Johnson Screens Co., 2007). He has given over 100 presentations on hydrogeologic or water well themes to professional hydrogeologic conferences, universities, well drilling organizations, and engineering groups in 16 states within the USA, and also to international groups in Mexico, Australia, Columbia, and Canada. In 1995, he received the City of Phoenix Mayor’s Environmental Award for his work with structural modification of municipal wells to improve their water quality. Mr. Glotfelty has been Technical Director of the Arizona Water Well Association since 1990, and he was selected as the National Ground Water Association’s Distinguished McEllhiney Lecturer for 2012.

Academic Background & Registrations: M.S., Geology, Northern Arizona University, 1985; B.S., Geology, Northern Arizona University, 1979; Registered Geologist, Arizona No. 22744; Registered Geologist, California No. 4988; Licensed Well Driller, Arizona Nos. 160 and 672; Licensed Contractor, Arizona No. 151387 (Type A-4).

Mr. Glotfelty is experienced in a variety of Clear Creek’s service areas, including mining support, groundwater resources management, environmental investigations, and expert testimony. Brief descriptions of his experience in these service categories are presented below.

Water Resources Management

Mr. Glotfelty’s groundwater resources expertise includes: water supply studies (such as hydrogeologic studies for demonstration of 100-year Assured Water Supplies), well siting studies, well impact analyses, well design and permitting, borehole analysis (geophysical logging and zonal groundwater sampling, and depth-specific hydrologic testing), drilling technology, aquifer testing, well evaluation, and well rehabilitation.

He is nationally recognized as one to the premier experts in the United States on water well design and installation, and his experience with drilling techniques includes air-rotary and mud-rotary, reverse circulation, flooded reverse circulation, wireline coring, dual rotary, hollow stem and solid stem auger drilling, and cable tool drilling. He has designed and managed the installation of hundreds of water supply wells for municipalities, private water purveyors, mines, power plants, Native American Tribes, schools, golf courses, industrial facilities, land developers, and others. He has been involved with water well installation projects to depths greater than 2,600 feet and has evaluated water supply wells deeper than 3,000 feet. He has conducted aquifer testing at all types and sizes of wells, with pumping rates ranging from 3 to 3,300 gallons per minute.

Mr. Glotfelty has conducted numerous well rehabilitation projects that have significantly improved the groundwater production and/or water quality of the well. Examples of his success with well rehabilitation to improve water quality include the reduction of contaminates (such as nitrate, arsenic, TDS, fluoride, or chromium) by as much as 95% in public supply wells at some sites in Arizona and California.

In addition to site-specific well projects, he has performed dozens of Assured and Adequate Water Supply studies in Arizona (requiring the demonstration of a 100-year water supply). Mr. Glotfelty has a depth of experience with water resources analyses such as this, and with the critical analytical components of these projects, such as aquifer testing and analysis; preparation of groundwater elevation contour maps; preparation of hydrogeologic cross sections; water quality analyses; groundwater resource projections; and water demand determinations.

Mining Support

Mr. Glotfelty primarily supports the mining industry with his expertise in production well design and installation, but he also supports Clear Creek Associates mining projects when needed, in the areas of groundwater supply investigations, and hydrogeologic studies in support of permit acquisition, pit dewatering evaluations, or plume management programs.

Environmental Services

Mr. Glotfelty has conducted hydrogeologic investigations and monitor well installation/testing programs at numerous environmental sites in Arizona. His experience with environmental issues includes leaking underground storage tanks; Aquifer Protection Permit investigations at industrial sites, mines, landfills, and water reclamation facilities; and hydrologic investigations at Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) sites.

Expert Testimony

Mr. Glotfelty has served as an expert witness in multiple court cases involving groundwater and well issues in both Arizona and California. His experience with testimony includes depositions and court testimony before Federal and District Court judges and juries, testimony before the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and testimony to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). He supervised the preparation of technical reports and provided direct and rebuttal testimony before both the Line Siting Committee and ACC hearing officer in support of a utility-scale natural gas power plant and also a utility-scale solar power plant in central Arizona. He testified as an expert witness before the United States District Court in Arizona, in Arizona’s Superior Court, and also at a Hearing of the Gila River Adjudication (to address surface water versus groundwater rights in Arizona). He has also served as an expert witness for several private water companies in a rate cases before the ACC, which (in some cases) have involved the preparation and submittal of direct evidence, rebuttal testimony, surrebuttal testimony, rejoinder testimony, and oral expert testimony and response to cross-examination. His litigation support experience in California also includes the evaluation of a public supply well alleged to have been a pathway of hexavalent chromium contamination, for which he provided expert testimony before a United States District Court judge and jury.