R. Douglas Bartlett is a Principal Hydrogeologist and co-founder of Clear Creek Associates. Over nearly 40 years, Mr. Bartlett has built a solid reputation as a hydrogeologist with diverse experience in groundwater computer modeling, hydrogeologic investigations, and mining-related hydrogeologic services. His water resources and permitting experience includes Assured Water Supply Studies for land developments, Underground Storage Facility permits at recharge sites, and Aquifer Protection Permits. Mr. Bartlett’s environmental experience includes groundwater contamination investigations involving organic solvents, metals, and other hazardous compounds, as well as the design of groundwater remediation systems for superfund sites. Mr. Bartlett also provides expert witness testimony in support of legal issues involving hydrogeology and groundwater modeling. He has developed extensive groundwater computer models to evaluate groundwater resources, assess the future impact of groundwater pumping, design groundwater recharge projects, trace the migration of contaminant plumes, and develop remedies to clean up contaminated groundwater. Mr. Bartlett also has considerable experience conducting hydrogeologic studies involving both water supply and environmental challenges at mine sites throughout the western United States.