As a subconsultant to Carollo Engineers, Clear Creek Associates was retained to provide hydrogeologic services for the development of a comprehensive groundwater management plan for new water resources development for the City of Phoeix. The goal of this project was to evaluate both short-term and long-term shortage conditions within the 1,344-square mile study area. The project included evaluation of new water resource development options, support for the City’s Designation of Assured Water Supply with the Arizona Department of Water Resources and water quality evaluation and treatment options. A groundwater flow model encompassing the Salt River Valley portion of the Phoenix Active Management Area was also constructed to support the evaluation. An extensive database was developed to manage well information, hydraulic parameters and complete data presentation. Groundwater resource management scenarios were evaluated for water planning to address drought conditions, recharge project siting and system operation.

In Phase I of the Groundwater Management Plan, Clear Creek developed a prioritization matrix for the entire municipal planning area to rank areas based on new public supply well installation feasibility, suggesting that new groundwater resources would be sufficient to mitigate short-term operational shortages, but may not be adequate for long-term shortage conditions. Phase II included more specific well siting assessments, recharge evaluation, field evaluation of existing wells and continued support and development of the groundwater flow model, which was used to evaluate long-term groundwater production potential in that area.

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