Clear Creek Associates was retained by the City of Phoenix to provide permitting, design, construction management, and testing services for Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and public water supply wells. These wells provide recharge and production rates that exceed their projected recharge capacity rates. At the Cave Creek ASR Well, we also developed and successfully executed the first pilot testing of manufactured glass bead filter pack material in an ASR well in the United States.

The Well 301 installation presented logistical challenges associated with potential disturbance resulting from its location within a residential neighborhood, in close proximity to occupied homes. Clear Creek Associates specified sound abatement measures which mitigated potential public relations problems and successfully addressed the noise concerns of neighboring residents.

Contracted tasks included conceptual design, permitting, lithologic logging, geophysical logging, coordination and collection of depth-specific groundwater samples, and performance of falling head tests in each sample interval to assess depth-specific aquifer production characteristics. On the basis of the site-specific and depth-specific data, Clear Creek Associates developed a final well design, and provided construction management. We also provided oversight and monitoring during the development and testing. Each well was successfully designed for maximum pumping/recharge rates while maintaining water quality within drinking water quality standards.

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