ASARCO-Hayden Operations Aquifer Protection Permit Amendment, Hayden, Arizona

Clear Creek is assisting ASARCO with obtaining an APP amendment for its Hayden Operations and Plant Site located approximately 100 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. The plant is an active copper ore processing, concentrating, and smelting facility.  The application has been submitted, and tasks completed for that submittal included:  identification of facilities that could qualify for a specific exemption from APP; materials and solution characterization; and BADCT demonstrations.  For the materials and solution characterization, Clear Creek reviewed existing characterization data, identified data gaps, prepared a sampling and analytical plan, implemented the plan, tabulated and analyzed the data, and wrote a Materials and Solution Characterization report that was appended to the amendment document.  For the BADCT demonstrations, current discharge control technologies (DCTs) and site factors were identified, performance of the current design and aquifer loading were evaluated, technically feasible alternative DCTs were identified, cost vs. discharge reduction was evaluated for each BADCT alternative, and a BADCT alternative was recommended.

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