Marvin Glotfelty Featured on NGWA: Industry Connected

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“NGWA: Industry Connected” is a video series that provides National Ground Water Association members with information and strategies to deal with the ever-evolving business climate. Principal Hydrogeologist and Co-Founder Marvin Glotfelty, PG, regularly presents on the topic of water well design and construction technology in the series. View the videos on YouTube.”

Presentations include:

  • How Annulus Width Impacts Well Performance
  • Availability and Quality of Silica Sand for Water Well Filter Packs
  • Doing an 8-hour OSHA refresher course
  • Importance of Technical Specification Verbiage for Installing a Water Well
  • How to Operate Safely and Efficiently on a Postage Stamp Jobsite
  • How do we Navigate Communication Challenges?
  • Appropriateness of Using PVC Casing for ASR Wells
  • Filter Pack Sand Selection and Design
  • Assessing a Water Well System Following a Wildfire
  • Well Development Techniques and Concepts
  • Project Coordination and client communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Depth-Specific Sampling in Open Boreholes
  • Tools and Techniques for Evaluating a Well’s Structure
  • Evaluating a Well’s Flow Profile
  • Overview of Drilling Fluids
  • Keys to Properly Decommissioning a Well
  • How Annular Voids can Impact Well Installation
  • Well Design from a Water Quality Perspective
  • Managing Unrealistic Expectations from a Client
  • How Life-Cycle Economic Analysis can be Applied Today
  • Basic Concepts of Mud and Air Rotary drilling
  • How to Maintain Health & Safety at a Drilling Site
  • Flooded Reverse Drilling
  • Logical Progression for Well Design
  • Steel Type Attributes for Well Casing Selection
  • Properties of Steel Casing
  • Cable Tool Drilling
  • Dual Rotary Drilling